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What A Ride!

As we near the end of this eventful tour we’re doing it pretty much the way we started … with  satan trying to beat us down.

After leaving Albuquerque and the great success we enjoyed there things started going south. We found out in Fairfield, Ca. our car needed some serious front end work but they couldn’t get the parts until the following week … too late, we had to be in Bakersfield at that time to do a concert for the Salvation Army so we made an appointment at the dealership in Bakersfield.

The concert at the Salvation Army was a blessing and we certainly felt the presence of the Lord. Men accepted Christ and smiles were all around. We felt God use us and it brought us peace and joy.

The next day I took the car in to the dealership and of course I sat and waited for it … all day. They finished at 5:00 PM  (I got there at 7:00 AM) and gave me a bill of almost $2,000. 00 … WOW! I’m glad we work for the Master and He said He would take care of all our needs.

After paying the bill I went to Burger King and had the two for $6.00 whopper deal…

Two days later the really big thing happened … we had to go to the emergency room … not me … Sandy. She was having trouble breathing and some other scary symptoms… of course heart attack and stroke reared it’s evil head … we started praying.

After a few tests they (the Doctors) decided to keep her over night. They said she hadn’t had a heart attack but they wanted her to see a neurologist in the morning … I prayed and slept in the lobby,  waiting on the Doctor to show up in the morning… Not going to happen… he showed up in the afternoon and informed us Sandy had had a T I A … a forewarning of a possible stroke and he put her on two proscriptions and said we should see him in a year. He also told us to see the the cardiologist at this facility, so the next day that’s what we did. After two days of more testing the cardiologist gave her a clean bill of health, no plaque in her arteries and no heart disease, GREAT NEWS!. Thank you Jesus!.

When she talked to her primary care Doctor yesterday, after he had looked at all the reports, he took her off the two prescriptions and explained the event she had was caused by stress and she didn’t need the drugs… praise God!. Between family problems and everything we’ve had to endure on  this tour it caused an over load. Some quiet time and prayer was all she needed … THE head Physician has answered prayer.

Thanks to everyone who joined in prayer. We appreciate all of you so much… keep praying.

We are in Lake Havasu  for another Doctor’s appointment… her regular ones this time. We should be on our way to Quartzsite in the morning.

When we get there I’ll have lots of work to get ready for our winter season at Heaven’s Kitchen BBQ. I pray it will be a banner season and God will give me the strength to do a good job. Right now it will be only me getting started, after such a costly summer I won’t be able to afford any help until we open and start bringing in some cash. I’m sure glad it’s started cooling down…

The only scheduled appearances we have this winter is in Yuma at a Campers For Christ rally and Sandy will be speaking at Amberly’s Place some time in Nov. The exact dates I don’t have but you can go to their websites and get all the particulars.

Anyone wishing to book “On The Road For Christ” for this coming summer tour, now is the time to get it done while we have open dates. We’ll be back on the road in the middle of March and be setting our tour route sometime in January. We would love to come to your special event with our full program of music and the Word Of God. Contact us through this website or email us. Of course you can do it the other way too … you know… the telephone … (907) 775-0694.

Until the next time … Keep Praying and KEEP LOOKING UP!

In His Service

Dusty, Sandy and Bruce