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Just a Suggestion? …

Isn’t it amazing how all our lives have changed in such a short period of time? I wonder how it would have been, if we didn’t have the help of the sensationalist news media? I believe just the facts would have served the country better, instead of all the finger-pointing, politicizing hype and gloom and doom. Yes we have a problem and yes we need to take precautions and use common sense. But really… hoarding toilet paper? Actually hoarding anything causes more problems than it helps. I find it humorous when I think about when this scare is over and these hoarders try to return their stockpile of toilet paper… They can’t… It’s a non-returnable item in most stores!

The point is WE created the shortage problem with our own fear and selfishness.

What happened to love your neighbor (Matt 22:37-39)? That’s a pretty important commandment. There’s only one other ahead of it.

We weren’t short of anything anywhere until fear, instead of faith and common sense, took over.

I’m speaking to believers. Are you in fear or faith? You can’t be on the fence… we know what the word says about that (Rev 3:16). I hope you do realize fear is the opposite of faith. With faith, we’re to believe God will provide all our needs(Philippians 4:19).

Maybe you think I’m being rough on you … Actually I’m trying to give you strength through God’s Word, not man’s opinion. You see the Word is about love, faith, and hope. With the love of Jesus Christ comes faith and with faith, there is always hope.

If you’re a non-believer and you’ve stumbled on to this site and you’re saying “What a bunch of hogwash” … if there was a God He wouldn’t allow this or all the suffering that’s going on in this world.

Really? Try reading the Bible. There are plenty of scriptures that speak of wars, famine, sickness, earthquakes and more. The Word says when these things come, He will be with us. He doesn’t say they won’t happen. On the contrary.

I’ll leave that teaching for another time and leave you with a lot worse thought than the coronavirus.

If you don’t believe in eternity with Jesus Christ and you’re right and I’m wrong, what have you lost?  But with my belief, I’ve at least been able to live a good life. The only difference is the end. Is it just lights out? Or is there a Heaven and hell?

If I’m right (and I am) I’ll live in glory. But if I’m wrong, I lose nothing. On the other hand, what happens if your wrong?? It’s your choice.

Read Rom 10:9-10. If you’re on that proverbial fence, this could help.

While you’re reading the Word, slip over to our other website: … Highlight the address with your cursor. Right click on the highlighted section. Then “Go” to the website. There you can download our latest CD for free … No strings… Just be blessed and enjoy the music.

If you’re wondering why I’m just giving you Scripture addresses instead of the Scripture, I want you to open up your Bible… after all, what else do you have to do? God is waiting…

Blessings my brothers and sister, we’re in this together …



One Day At A Time (Matt 6:34)

Plomosa Mountains
Plomosa Mountains

As I sit and watch the sun come up over the Plomosa Mountains east of Quartzsite, Arizona, a far off rooster crows in the new day. I watch God paint a beautiful sunrise only God can do. His words in Matthew 6:34 come to mind. Paraphrasing, it tells us not to worry about today and allow Him to guide our life and tomorrow. If He so chooses, He will give us another day. He asks us to trust in Him, why not give it a try?

Nowhere in scripture does it say life will be easy, but He does say He’ll walk through those deep valleys with us (Psalms 23).

We’ve canceled all our concerts and speaking engagements for the near future but we will be back on the road as soon as the quarantines are lifted. In the meantime, we’ve opened our ministry via email or phone; (Dusty) or (Sandy) or (Bruce). If you want immediate prayer contact one of us at these numbers; 907-315-3394 (Dusty), 907-775-0694 (Sandy) or 760-739-5063 (Bruce). We would love to pray with you and spend some time listening to your needs. It would be better doing these things in person, and soon I’m sure we will be doing just that.

This is the longest we’ve ever stayed in Quartzsite. It’s been a great time of refreshing and getting things done that seemed like we never had time to do before. In other words, taking time to smell the roses.

Yesterday was one of those bumps in the road. Remember, I never said we wouldn’t have those. Anyway, my car would barely start and all the gauges read “O”. Quartzsite is very small so I took it to the Chevrolet dealer in Parker, about 36 miles away. I prayed first, before leaving, because everything in the car was dead and I didn’t know if it would keep running for my dash across the desert. I made it to the dealership and the service people were amazed I’d made it. The battery was cracked and a terminal was broke. It shouldn’t  even have started, let alone run all the way to Parker. Even small prayers are answered… I knew He was with me, so I just drove along, singing praises to Him. (He’s my favorite listener) putting Matt 6:34 into practice.

Have you got a praise report? If you do, how about sharing it? We would really like to hear from you.

Until next time … KEEP LOOKING UP!


“So do not fear, I am with you” (Isaiah 41:10)

Greetings my Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

There are many comforting passages in the Bible, but I find great strength and comfort in Isaiah 41:10 and also in Isaiah 43:1. He is our comforter and our hope. Truly trusting in Him at this time of need can and will see you through these times of unending bombardment of news media gloom and doom.

Of course, there’s a worldwide health problem going on and people are dying from it. When you compare it to other causes of death in today’s world ,how does it compare? For instance: secondhand smoke (hundreds a day), cancer (thousands a day), abortion … self-inflected ( thousands a day). These are just a few that come to mind. Now I would like you to do a little math problem. Take the population of the U.S., 327.2 million, and then the latest death toll caused by the virus here in our country. Figure out what percentage has died and then figure out the percentage of people with reported cases to date …. Now, what’re the chances of you contracting the virus if you follow good hygiene and common sense? … Get back to me with those numbers.

I’m not trying to downplay the danger in this pandemic. I’m just trying to put it in perspective, one the media seems to fail to mention.

What this county, this world needs, is Jesus Christ… We need REVIVAL in our land.

There’s no cure for the coronavirus? Wrong! Isaiah 53:5 says;  By His stripes, we are healed… He’s the great physician. I believe  2 Chronicles7:14 is the answer for our great nation… If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sins and will heal their land.

I believe with all my heart prayer can stop this virus in its tracks. But who’s praying; who’s believing?  Fear is the opposite of faith. Where do you stand? … In line buying out toilet paper? Loading up instead of leaving enough for the next guy? Complaining instead of praying? Hiding instead of helping? You can pick up a phone and pray with someone instead of whining and complaining. Fear is the opposite of faith. Encourage your friends and family; Now’s the time to practice what you believe … You do believe, don’t you? Well start praying! What else more important do you have on your schedule today?

Each day we have a choice … To be the problem or to be an answer.

Do you truly have Jesus as your Lord and savior?

All of what I just wrote will mean nothing to you if you don’t.

If you’re not sure, or you feel you need to rededicate your life, let’s get it taken care of right now! Just follow what is said below.

Romans 10:9-10 says it all:

9 because if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For one believes with the heart and so is justified, and one confesses with the mouth and so is saved.

This verse gets you started on the greatest journey of your life.

Does it mean everything will be rosier … ah… No. But it does mean your life will never be the same. Make this commitment today. Do it now!

Start growing in the Lord and day by day you’ll feel and see changes in your life.

Any Questions?  Of course there are. If you want, please  contact me at;


In His service