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Semper Fi

Isn’t it amazing how fast even a country as great as ours can be controlled because of fear?

We’ve been alienated from friends, family, and neighbors. Fistfights have broken out in the lines at stores for getting too close, or over the manufactured shortages. All because of “fear”. What has happened to America? We can’t gather in church … pray from afar “they,” say. Wow! Over 200 years and the government has finally separated the church (people) from the State.

Most of the masks people are wearing are worthless against this virus. Dust masks and handkerchiefs barley stop dust, let alone micro-sized viruses … Get real … Another test to see how much control can be exerted.

How many people around you are wearing them? And wearing them properly?

Let’s see now, … House arrest (of course the politically correct term; “self-quarantine”); Wear a mask (90{c834e07adaeba66f308946f41fe459f7d1074b7e393db9448fd4e4c7159f6d24} of them are useless) and stay six feet apart.

Oh… and close your business if you’re not on the government’s approved list. (We’ll get rid of these pesky small businesses one way or another).

Does that just about cover it?

Wow! Dusty that certainly is a harsh view …

Are you being politically correct?

I hope not!

Think for a minute of all the diseases in the world, and the harm they’ve done and will do.

What’s so different with the “coronavirus?” It’s certainly not as deadly as a few others out there. (Do some homework if you don’t believe me). It’s not even a close second.

Then why all the fear?

Do you want the answer?  Do you really want the answer? … Simple, MEDIA HYPE.

News programs are having their highest, all-time ratings in modern history.  That means money in their pockets. That’s not the number one thing, however, lest we forget this is an election year.

What a platform from which to slam their adversary (President Trump) … How convenient.

Listen to what is being said, by the President, and then taken out of context by the media.

How do I know that? Simple … Basic grammar. The President doesn’t often speak in incomplete sentences. The answer is simple; his statements are being edited by the media to come across the way they want them to sound, not the way they are meant.

Do you think I’m exaggerating?  Listen closer for yourselves and see what I mean.

As a former U.S. Marine, I’ve seen some terrible things. I have had to face fear head-on. My training gave me the strength, but now I have the greatest weapon of all … My trust is in God, and no power in the universe can defeat Him or His own. (us) HOORAH! … AMEN!

As I’ve said many times before, fear is the opposite of faith, so get on board. (2Timothy 1:7)

The Lord said He would be with us through the bad things and tough times (Isaiah 43:1-2). He said He would never leave us nor forsake us.  (Deuteronomy 31:6 and Hebrews 13:5, Hebrews 11:16). Where’s your faith meter today?

    What’s coming from your lips? (Matthew 4:4)

I believe this is a time of separating the wheat from the chaff that John the Baptist spoke of in Matthew 3:12. 

As  Christians, our faith is based on the trust and love of Jesus Christ; not media hype; not the Government; not politicians,;not neighbors, friends, or family; no matter how good their intentions may be. Our trust, our faith is in JESUS CHRIST.

Where’s your faith meter today?

Have you sincerely humbled yourself before the Lord and begged His forgiveness?

He knows your heart, … He is the truth. If you need to renew your commitment to Him today, then don’t hesitate. Do it now. There is no promise of tomorrow (Proverbs 27:1). If this sounds urgent, it is. If you’ve wavered or strayed, His arms are open. His grace is sufficient, and His forgiveness is waiting. Please, Please don’t be left standing at the door. Answer it and let Him in …   

I hope I’ve helped you by conveying the Lord’s message to you. What I put here is what He wants. It is not milk-toast to pander to anyone’s fears.

Is it political … sure.

Is it the truth … absolutely.

Did I hurt anyone’s feelings … Get over it!

I love each and every one of you with the love of the Lord!


My prayer for you:     

Our most precious Lord on High,

Forgive us and strengthen our faith and trust in You, Lord.

Give us the boldness to proclaim Your Word. Let us show, through our actions, that You live in our hearts and You are Lord.

Father protect our loved one and if they don’t know You, put a stirring in their heart to seek You.

Father, I ask the same for the stranger, the lost looking for a way to find peace. A peace only You can give.

Lord, I pray for the scientists seeking a cure for this terrible virus, as well as other deadly diseases.

Lord, please bring our country back to You. Disclose the people that wish to destroy that on which our country was founded. Change the hearts of the abortionist, drug dealers, the non-believers and the politically correct.

Without You, we are lost.

Lord, I pray for our leaders and pray they will hear Your voice and do Your will …

In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray


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The Land Flowing with Milk and Honey… or The Land of the Giants

This is my first post, but I believe it is one that needs to be written for these uncertain times.

In the book of Numbers, chapters 13 and 14 we read about the children of Israel being given the land of Canaan, as promised by God. Moses was to choose one man from each tribe to spy out the land and bring back a report. (Numbers 13:17-21).

After 40 days, the men returned and gave a report on what they had found. They brought back fruit to show the congregation of Israel the bounty of the land. (Numbers 13:23). They even reported that the land flowed with milk and honey (Numbers 13:27), just as God had promised. Ten of the spies reported that the land also was inhabited by very strong people, with large fortified cities. There were also descendants of Anak. The Anakim/Anakites were a formidable race of giant, warlike people (Deuteronomy 2:10, 21; 9:2), who occupied the lands of southern Israel, near Hebron, before the arrival of the Israelites (Joshua 15:13). The Anakim’s ancestry has been traced back to Anak, who at that time was regarded as the “greatest man among the Anakim” (Joshua 14:15).

The two remaining spies, Joshua and Caleb confirmed what the others had seen. However, they were confident that God would deliver the land into the Israelites hands (Numbers 14:6-9).

The Israelites were encouraged by Moses not to fear the Anakim (Deuteronomy 1:29-30), but they refused to trust God’s promises (Deuteronomy 1:32-33). As a result, God became angry (Deuteronomy 1:34-35) and prohibited the “evil generation” from entering the Promised Land; Joshua and Caleb were the only exceptions, plus those who had no knowledge of good and evil (Deuteronomy 1:36-39). Because of their fear of the Anakim, and their rebellion against God, the children of Israel were forced to wander for another 38 years in the wilderness.

During the conquest of Canaan, Joshua expelled the Anakim from the hill country, and Caleb finally drove them out of Hebron completely. However, a small remnant found refuge in the cities of Gaza, Gath, and Ashdod (Joshua 11:22). Many Bible scholars speculate that the Anakim’s descendants were the Philistine giants David encountered (2 Samuel 21:15-22), including Goliath of Gath (1 Samuel 17:4-7).

God has given us another future “promised land” – Heaven. Jesus declared that no one comes to the Father, but through Him. (John 14:6). Through obedience and not rebellion, we can have that promise fulfilled in our lives. Just like many of the Israelites of old, everyone has a choice to make. You can live your life your way, and suffer the consequences, or enter into the Promised Land. How can you make the choice to enter the “Promised Land”? Follow what it says in Romans 10:9-10.

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Sadducees and Pharisees … Then and Now


The days turn into weeks and the weeks into ???  How much longer?

That really is the question in most of our minds; and the honest answer is… No one knows. As usual, the media keeps its hype up so everyone watches with baited breath. First, it’s leveling off and then out of nowhere we get the largest outbreak ever… When will we get just the facts? …. Never! Using sensationalism is how they keep the drama going and the fear rampant, so they can get those coveted ratings and advertising dollars.

The greed out there is alive and well. It’s easy to spot. While some businesses are going under because of forced closure, others are raking in a windfall. Of course, prices are going up … shortages you know (Manufactured?). Just look at the big box stores. For example,  look at WalMart… they’re showing a 20{c834e07adaeba66f308946f41fe459f7d1074b7e393db9448fd4e4c7159f6d24} gain.

I know that some RV parks that are usually empty, after their season ends, are more full than they were during the season. What I’m saying is good on them, but others aren’t so fortunate.

Many businesses, large or small, are going broke trying to wait this out. Others are defying, or getting ready to defy, the shutdown orders and open back up. They have families to feed and bills to pay.

They see our politicians standing in front of their luxury freezers, flaunting their wealth, and wonder how they’re going to keep their family fed.

Of course, the politician’s paychecks (way overpaid) keep coming. Their medical expenses are paid for life. The perks go on and on.

What was designed by our forefathers to be a one-term job, then go back to their life at home, has been made into a lifetime career, because of being power hungry and, of course, the”perks”.

They should be allowed one term only . They should take part in the laws (like Obama care) they enact. Each person should be equal, with equal power… No senior this or that. When we vote someone into office, they should have just as much say as the next person. We didn’t vote in an underling. We voted a representative to protect our interests and represent our States’ needs.

This is pretty basic. It’s not rocket science. Too much power creates greed and greed creates corruption.

Does this sound somewhat familiar … especially to Christians?

It should … There is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9).

Remember the priests of the temples? How about the Sadducees or the Pharisees? They were certainly power hungry and filled with greed… Sound familiar?

That was over two thousand years ago… Have things changed?…  Maybe different titles controlling power, and of course people’s names are different.  But the concept remains unchanged…. power and greed.



The Lord certainly didn’t like it then, and I’m sure He feels the same about it now.

Is He exacting punishment as a father should when a child is out of control?

As a parent, how long would you tolerate your children blatantly disobeying you?

I believe He’s been a tolerant and loving Father, giving chance after chance for us to see the destructive path some of us have chosen to follow; taking the temporary thing of this life, over an eternity with Him in Heavenly places.

The immorality taking place, not just in America, but throughout the world, is out of control, with no end is in sight. Under the banner of political correctness and tolerance, we’ve gone against God’s basic laws.

We need to pray the passage (2 Chronicles 7:14) every day and truly humble ourselves.

God loves us! Why can’t we understand, accept and believe that?… A question for all times!

My prayer for you: 

O, heavenly and merciful Father,

I pray for the sick and suffering around the world; for the hungry and homeless.

I pray for the paranoid living in fear; for fear is the opposite of faith. These people desperately need You in their lives.

I pray for someone to come into each nonbeliever’s life and give them the opportunity to meet You; To step over into eternal life and follow You.

I pray for our President and other world leaders. I pray that they make Godly decisions and have the courage to follow through.

I pray for an awakening, a revelation, and that hearts will turn to You for the answers and an end to this terrible disease.

I know, Father God, you can stop this disease. If we as a nation, as a world,  would call out to you and change our wicked ways.

This I pray in the precious name of Jesus …



Keep on Singing …


I don’t know how many times in front of audiences I’ve quoted Martin Luther, the founder of the modern day church of saying “Music is the second form of prayer.”

I can remember being a little boy and walking through a dark woods on the way home and thought I was going to be ate  by a bear or some other creature waiting for me to pass. I would usually break out singing to myself or whistling, trying to show I wasn’t afraid. I guess you could say those were the days I started my singing career as a matter of fact, I believe there has been times when I had audiences just as small as then…..

It has always humbles me when people come to listen to my music and share the love we have for the beauty God has given us in music. A song can set your heart to fluttering or your blood to racing. It can cause you to experience the full range of emotions, from the highest peaks to the lowest valleys… all brought on by a song.

It never fails to amaze me when the Lord changes a song in the middle of a concert that I hadn’t rehearsed and most generally hadn’t sung in a while. I teach obeying is a very important part of a Christians walk with the Lord so I always complied. You ask … how has that worked for me? Well I’ll use that word again … amazing… The Lord knows exactly what someone in the audience needs to hear and I feel very blessed when He uses me to give that certain someone His message in a song. Inevitably that very person always comes up after the program to tell me the song really touched their heart and they were sure it was meant just for them.

Being in the gospel music ministry the bible verse (2 Timothy 4:2)about being ready in season and out brought out a whole new meaning to that passage.

I hope during these stressful times you will allow God to minister to you in song. Take the time to sit and listen, sing along if you like, get into the words, it might be just the message He has for you, and you will know that He is GOD.

My latest CD is on this site free for the listening, if  you like it … enjoy,  if you don’t … no offence taken. Just look around until you find something you can enjoy. Relax and sooth your spirit …

Let me know if there is anything we can do for you and of course after things get back to normal we’d love to come to your venue and do a program for you and your friends. … it’s free! just contact us at my email; or go to our main page; On The Road for and follow the steps there.

My prayer for you:       

Precious Lord, give my brothers and sister a real peace and still their hearts of fear, let them know you are God and are always with them.

Put a song in their heart and a new hope in their spirit that this to shall pass.

Protect your children from this virus and all the after effects as time goes by. In this hour of need may we draw closer to you and feel the mighty comfort of your loving arms.

In Jesus name, the name above all names we pray




As the days pass and lives are lost, I find it incredulous that the fake news and politicians are playing the blame game. The ads blaming the President are so obviously taken out of context, that you would have to be totally illiterate to believe a word of it.

I’m sorry for these Trump haters that are so obsessed with hate, that they are willing to sell our country out, just to get their socialist agenda into play. They should, when they get their stimulus check,  do the honorable thing and send it back to the man (President Trump) who pushed it through and got it for them …. Sure they will …. We know how that’s going to play out.

I don’t even know how many people read my brief messages, but please believe they are based on my love and concern for ALL Americans, as well as ever man, woman and child in the world. I try to put into words what the Holy Spirit tells me to write and not my opinion. He, again, reminded me to tell you the Word says to go into ALL  the world and preach the gospel (Mark 16:15). That means proclaiming Jesus Christ to ALL nations. By the way, that’s not a request … it’s a commandment!

Let me clear something else up as well… There is no place in Scripture that says we  (meaning clergy) can’t speak our political minds, especially when what’s being done in the political arena is blatantly contrary to God’s Word. I absolutely believe God Almighty is who the Word say’s He is. I also believe He is very hurt and unhappy with the world today ….

Does that mean this plague or virus is His doing? Try reading the Bible! What did God do to straighten out the world, when it went so far afield, that a wake up call was all that was left?

We hear all the gloom and doom in our media. We are being talked down to like little children. However, we are not given any true answers. Again, I say find a Bible, or talk to someone who can tell you the truth …

Whether you believe in God or not, how is what you believe so far been working for you? Hey, what have got to lose? Give God a chance! TV, the media or the politicians can’t compare … Not even close!

If you’re one of the haters … STOP IT! Put some of that energy into doing something productive.

Social distancing doesn’t mean you stop helping others …. phone calls, computer messaging, a smile, a wave and even a helping hand, will do wonders for the other person, and go a long way in lifting up your spirit, too.

It’s so sad that our fear locks us up so tight and paralyzes our thoughts, that we become followers of the wrong thing. Paranoia and fear is what evil feeds on … How do you think Hitler controlled Germany? You don’t have to cower in fear … Other viruses and plagues have done unthinkable damage before … Smallpox is estimated to have killed up to 300 million people in the 20th century and around 500 million people in the last 100 years of its existence. As recently as 1967, 15 million cases occurred a year. The 2014-2016 Ebola outbreak in West Africa killed 90{c834e07adaeba66f308946f41fe459f7d1074b7e393db9448fd4e4c7159f6d24} of the people it infected… How about HIV? It’still  one of the biggest killers. An estimated 32 million people have died from HIV. And then, of course, there’s cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Why am I giving you some of these statistics? It’s so you might put what we are being told by the media into perspective.

The Corona Virus is deadly; make no mistake … But it doesn’t compare to some of the diseases from which more people have died, and continue to die from, everyday, that doesn’t make the 6:00 o’clock news.

All I am asking you to think about, is compare what is going on and then  reading a Bible and getting some real answers … and hope!

If you don’t own one we can fix that… We’ll give you one for free… Even the shipping. NO CHARGE!

Give me a call, or anyone of us here at; “ON THE ROAD FOR CHRIST”. By the way, my personal email has had a slight change. It is now For those of you that have emailed me in the past, you ‘ll notice I just added the 2. 

My prayer for you today: 

Our most high Lord, forgive us of our doubts and sins. Bring hope to a world that needs You now, our Father in Heaven and creator of all good things. Open the hearts of the non-believer and let your Holy Spirit flow. Lord, I pray that those following and believing in You stay strong and continue do to Your work.

I pray for health and well being for all and a swift end to this virus sweeping the world … I know, Lord, You can stop it in it’s tracks and heal those infected. Your Word says where two or more are in agreement and ask in Your name, the prayer will be answered (Matthew 18:19) I claim that promise right now and give You all the praise and glory for what You do for us. Lord, if anyone reading this is on the fence and needs someone to talk to, bring that person into their life, or give them the courage to contact us.

We love You Lord, and we pray in Your Son’s precious name, Jesus Christ …AMEN.

Until next time, KEEP LOOKING UP!

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Wake Up Call …

Well, it stands to reason when you wake up at 4:00 AM, it must either be a burglar or maybe, just maybe, God might be calling.

I’ve always believed prayer is by far a lot better connection than a cell phone. So after listening for Shadow Spirit, that’s my dog, bark out a warning and it didn’t come, I was pretty sure all was safe… so I started praying, …having a conversation with God.

It’s amazing how loving He is. Sometimes His corrections can be hard, but most of the time, if you listen and obey, they are loving and always fulfilling. That being said, I feel strongly about this message. I believe it to be very important, as well as blunt and to the point.

Some will have problems with this … And then you may think… Wow! Another Christian nut case! Think what you may, but remember the old adage; “Don’t shoot the messenger”.

Laying in the dark, listening to the gentle breathing of my precious wife, I thanked Him for one of life’s greatest gifts; a helpmate with which to love and share my humble life. After praising Him and laying my petitions before Him, I became still and listened. Then He started in. I’ll try to be as precise and bold as possible.

To start, He took me back into the Old Testament, reminding me of His love and, yes, His wrath. He brought to mind the punishments He brought forth for sin and disobedience. Some were gentle corrections and other punishments were very decisive.

Many times I’ve been asked how a loving God can allow bad thing to happen? The keyword is “allow”. He gave us freedom of choice, and when we choose wrong, a price has to be paid… and that includes death as a punishment.

God certainly didn’t hide the fact that death was one of the penalties of sin. He killed millions, yes millions in the Scriptures. Pharaoh and his army at the Red Sea; the whiners following Moses into the desert; Noah and the flood,;Sodom and Gomorrah.  These are just to name a few. Look at all the battles David fought. Look at the other armies God used to vanquish the evil that existed.  If that’s not enough for the point to be made, take look in Revelation.

Yes, He loves us, but He hates sin. When it’s so out of control, He somehow has to get our attention when we don’t obey. Take a look around. If your children were so blatantly disobedient what would you do? Let it keep happening? No punishment? Or maybe be politically correct…. Maybe just little time out … really? How’s that been working for you?

What am I saying?

Let’s see… Hmmm. Take a look at our country. In this day and age, we have to be politically correct or we just don’t fit in… Abortions… OK. Same-sex marriage …OK. Pornography and drug abuse are rampant. Smoking dope is legal now in some states. Some of our politicians are more like the Pharisees of old, rather than a servant of the people.

Of course, He’s probably not real happy with the church, either.

It’s become a business. Some of the people preaching are further from God than the drug dealers on the corner. A lot of them preach political correctness and are even condoning same-sex marriage. Some only preach a love and prosperity message; never the consequences of sin. Very seldom, if ever, do they preach a salvation message.

In truth, they’re afraid if you feel convicted, you won’t put your money in the plate when it’s passed, or worse yet, you’ll leave their church.

The church has become a rock and roll show. A place of entertainment; a social event instead of a place of worship. The pastors, in a lot of cases, are trying to be all things and believe they stand heads above the lowly laymen. They project an image of superiority instead a humbleness like a true servant of God.

That’s what a pastor is called to do ….  be a servant, a teacher of the word, a shepherd… that is, if he was even called at all! You see, God calls a person to be a pastor, not a board. Man doesn’t ordain someone, God does.  You don’t believe me? Look it up in Scripture… Unfortunately to some, it’s just a job…  a way to make a living.

Does that sound harsh? It should. Many pastors should be driving a truck instead of preaching a message written from their own mind  instead of from the anointed Word of God. I’m speaking, of course, of the ones that are politically correct. Being politically correct should be a BIG red flag to any true believer.

To be blunt, if you say you preach the Word of God, but you believe that abortion, homosexuality and  couples living together without marriage is OK, and do nothing to stand against any of these behaviors… shame on you. You certainly aren’t doing what Scriptures say. In reality you have two choices … Repent or resign.

God, not me or man, will deal with you or anyone else who believes that these most egregious sins are OK. It is very simple… you either believe the Word of God, all of it, or you can continue to be politically correct. You can’t be a little of both. Lukewarm won’t get you there. Again, you don’t believe me? Read it for yourself. (Revelation 3:16)

Is God making an eye-opening correction? Look around you … A lot of true believers believe so. The Bible is spot on with what’s happening in the world today. I truly believe God is trying to get our attention; a “wake up call”. Are you listening yet?

When 9/11 happened, people turned to God and flocked to churches, only to go back to their lifestyle a few months later when things died down. True repentance is a lifetime decision, not just a patch. I don’t believe a patch will fix it this time. We better take a closer look at what is happening and realize only one person steers the boat… Who’s steering yours? Are you adrift with worry, depression and anxiety?

There is a peace and joy beyond understanding, even in these stressful times (Philippians 4:7). Take the time to open your Bible and read the truth. If you don’t have a Bible, contact us and we’ll get one to you … no charge.

I believe God is trying one last time to get our attention. Have you opened up your Bible? Have you sought Him with all your heart?

It’s time to make a change; a real change. He never said it would be easy, but He’s right there to walk with you through it all; the good and the bad.

If this was a hard message… so be it. It’s the truth and it had to be said.

Never-the-less, God loves you and is waiting … if He didn’t, He wouldn’t have said it (Matthew 11:28)  He hasn’t given up on you or our country. Don’t let anyone tell you any different! (2 Chronicles 7:14)



My prayer, Heavenly Father:

Your children cry out to You for mercy and ask forgiveness,

We ask for our loved ones who don’t know you to have a desire born in their heart to find You and to give their life over to You.

Oh Lord this world is hurting and needs You… Touch the souls and heal our land.

In your precious name … Jesus Christ, we pray.


Remember, Sunday isn’t about the bunny, it’s about the cross!

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“Be Still and Know That I am God” (Psalms 46:10)

Sometimes, if we slow down and just listen in the quietness, and quit thinking how smart we are and give God a chance, maybe we can get this upside-down world to make some sense.

The Lord woke me at 3:00 AM to get up and try to reach … who?

I often wonder if anyone is even reading these messages He gives me to write, or is it just for exercise?

So many times as we travel about the country, we’ll meet someone with needs in some of the most unsuspecting places. We call them Divine Appointments. Maybe this is one of those. Someone may be trying to make the most important decision of their life and they stumbled on to this site. If that’s the case then this word is just for you …

In this time of uncertainty and anxiety, we are hurting as a nation. We are not getting much relief from our mainstream media. They seem to give only the gloom and doom and avoid coming up with a calming commentary to give us peace of mind, because it isn’t politically correct.

I want you to know upfront, I’m not in denial. I know this is serious, but my God is my strength. The word says He will never leave us or forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6) and I choose to believe that.

Why this is happening could have several answers. Some believers think God has had enough and is exacting punishment…Is He? Take some time and read the book of Numbers. You be the judge. If what we, as a nation, have accepted as being politically correct, is contrary to the Word of God, what do you think? If you don’t believe there is a God, then work it out yourself. By the way … How’s that working for you?

If we truly believe and trust the Lord, take solace in the Word and do not worry. Start looking for the good things you can do for others. Remember, this too will pass (not a Biblical quote) and we’ll come through the other side stronger.

Look up the Scriptures I’ve given you. By no means are they there to scare you. However, they are the whole truth. It’s time to make a change, a real change. Give God a chance … you won’t regret it and it will change your life in ways you could never imagine.

I hope this has helped … I love you all in the name of the Lord …

My prayer for you:   

May the Lord’s blessings, strength, protection, and peace be with you and yours, calming your heart by trusting in Him … Amen