As the days pass and lives are lost, I find it incredulous that the fake news and politicians are playing the blame game. The ads blaming the President are so obviously taken out of context, that you would have to be totally illiterate to believe a word of it.

I’m sorry for these Trump haters that are so obsessed with hate, that they are willing to sell our country out, just to get their socialist agenda into play. They should, when they get their stimulus check,  do the honorable thing and send it back to the man (President Trump) who pushed it through and got it for them …. Sure they will …. We know how that’s going to play out.

I don’t even know how many people read my brief messages, but please believe they are based on my love and concern for ALL Americans, as well as ever man, woman and child in the world. I try to put into words what the Holy Spirit tells me to write and not my opinion. He, again, reminded me to tell you the Word says to go into ALL  the world and preach the gospel (Mark 16:15). That means proclaiming Jesus Christ to ALL nations. By the way, that’s not a request … it’s a commandment!

Let me clear something else up as well… There is no place in Scripture that says we  (meaning clergy) can’t speak our political minds, especially when what’s being done in the political arena is blatantly contrary to God’s Word. I absolutely believe God Almighty is who the Word say’s He is. I also believe He is very hurt and unhappy with the world today ….

Does that mean this plague or virus is His doing? Try reading the Bible! What did God do to straighten out the world, when it went so far afield, that a wake up call was all that was left?

We hear all the gloom and doom in our media. We are being talked down to like little children. However, we are not given any true answers. Again, I say find a Bible, or talk to someone who can tell you the truth …

Whether you believe in God or not, how is what you believe so far been working for you? Hey, what have got to lose? Give God a chance! TV, the media or the politicians can’t compare … Not even close!

If you’re one of the haters … STOP IT! Put some of that energy into doing something productive.

Social distancing doesn’t mean you stop helping others …. phone calls, computer messaging, a smile, a wave and even a helping hand, will do wonders for the other person, and go a long way in lifting up your spirit, too.

It’s so sad that our fear locks us up so tight and paralyzes our thoughts, that we become followers of the wrong thing. Paranoia and fear is what evil feeds on … How do you think Hitler controlled Germany? You don’t have to cower in fear … Other viruses and plagues have done unthinkable damage before … Smallpox is estimated to have killed up to 300 million people in the 20th century and around 500 million people in the last 100 years of its existence. As recently as 1967, 15 million cases occurred a year. The 2014-2016 Ebola outbreak in West Africa killed 90{c834e07adaeba66f308946f41fe459f7d1074b7e393db9448fd4e4c7159f6d24} of the people it infected… How about HIV? It’still  one of the biggest killers. An estimated 32 million people have died from HIV. And then, of course, there’s cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Why am I giving you some of these statistics? It’s so you might put what we are being told by the media into perspective.

The Corona Virus is deadly; make no mistake … But it doesn’t compare to some of the diseases from which more people have died, and continue to die from, everyday, that doesn’t make the 6:00 o’clock news.

All I am asking you to think about, is compare what is going on and then  reading a Bible and getting some real answers … and hope!

If you don’t own one we can fix that… We’ll give you one for free… Even the shipping. NO CHARGE!

Give me a call, or anyone of us here at; “ON THE ROAD FOR CHRIST”. By the way, my personal email has had a slight change. It is now For those of you that have emailed me in the past, you ‘ll notice I just added the 2. 

My prayer for you today: 

Our most high Lord, forgive us of our doubts and sins. Bring hope to a world that needs You now, our Father in Heaven and creator of all good things. Open the hearts of the non-believer and let your Holy Spirit flow. Lord, I pray that those following and believing in You stay strong and continue do to Your work.

I pray for health and well being for all and a swift end to this virus sweeping the world … I know, Lord, You can stop it in it’s tracks and heal those infected. Your Word says where two or more are in agreement and ask in Your name, the prayer will be answered (Matthew 18:19) I claim that promise right now and give You all the praise and glory for what You do for us. Lord, if anyone reading this is on the fence and needs someone to talk to, bring that person into their life, or give them the courage to contact us.

We love You Lord, and we pray in Your Son’s precious name, Jesus Christ …AMEN.

Until next time, KEEP LOOKING UP!

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