Semper Fi

Isn’t it amazing how fast even a country as great as ours can be controlled because of fear?

We’ve been alienated from friends, family, and neighbors. Fistfights have broken out in the lines at stores for getting too close, or over the manufactured shortages. All because of “fear”. What has happened to America? We can’t gather in church … pray from afar “they,” say. Wow! Over 200 years and the government has finally separated the church (people) from the State.

Most of the masks people are wearing are worthless against this virus. Dust masks and handkerchiefs barley stop dust, let alone micro-sized viruses … Get real … Another test to see how much control can be exerted.

How many people around you are wearing them? And wearing them properly?

Let’s see now, … House arrest (of course the politically correct term; “self-quarantine”); Wear a mask (90{c834e07adaeba66f308946f41fe459f7d1074b7e393db9448fd4e4c7159f6d24} of them are useless) and stay six feet apart.

Oh… and close your business if you’re not on the government’s approved list. (We’ll get rid of these pesky small businesses one way or another).

Does that just about cover it?

Wow! Dusty that certainly is a harsh view …

Are you being politically correct?

I hope not!

Think for a minute of all the diseases in the world, and the harm they’ve done and will do.

What’s so different with the “coronavirus?” It’s certainly not as deadly as a few others out there. (Do some homework if you don’t believe me). It’s not even a close second.

Then why all the fear?

Do you want the answer?  Do you really want the answer? … Simple, MEDIA HYPE.

News programs are having their highest, all-time ratings in modern history.  That means money in their pockets. That’s not the number one thing, however, lest we forget this is an election year.

What a platform from which to slam their adversary (President Trump) … How convenient.

Listen to what is being said, by the President, and then taken out of context by the media.

How do I know that? Simple … Basic grammar. The President doesn’t often speak in incomplete sentences. The answer is simple; his statements are being edited by the media to come across the way they want them to sound, not the way they are meant.

Do you think I’m exaggerating?  Listen closer for yourselves and see what I mean.

As a former U.S. Marine, I’ve seen some terrible things. I have had to face fear head-on. My training gave me the strength, but now I have the greatest weapon of all … My trust is in God, and no power in the universe can defeat Him or His own. (us) HOORAH! … AMEN!

As I’ve said many times before, fear is the opposite of faith, so get on board. (2Timothy 1:7)

The Lord said He would be with us through the bad things and tough times (Isaiah 43:1-2). He said He would never leave us nor forsake us.  (Deuteronomy 31:6 and Hebrews 13:5, Hebrews 11:16). Where’s your faith meter today?

    What’s coming from your lips? (Matthew 4:4)

I believe this is a time of separating the wheat from the chaff that John the Baptist spoke of in Matthew 3:12. 

As  Christians, our faith is based on the trust and love of Jesus Christ; not media hype; not the Government; not politicians,;not neighbors, friends, or family; no matter how good their intentions may be. Our trust, our faith is in JESUS CHRIST.

Where’s your faith meter today?

Have you sincerely humbled yourself before the Lord and begged His forgiveness?

He knows your heart, … He is the truth. If you need to renew your commitment to Him today, then don’t hesitate. Do it now. There is no promise of tomorrow (Proverbs 27:1). If this sounds urgent, it is. If you’ve wavered or strayed, His arms are open. His grace is sufficient, and His forgiveness is waiting. Please, Please don’t be left standing at the door. Answer it and let Him in …   

I hope I’ve helped you by conveying the Lord’s message to you. What I put here is what He wants. It is not milk-toast to pander to anyone’s fears.

Is it political … sure.

Is it the truth … absolutely.

Did I hurt anyone’s feelings … Get over it!

I love each and every one of you with the love of the Lord!


My prayer for you:     

Our most precious Lord on High,

Forgive us and strengthen our faith and trust in You, Lord.

Give us the boldness to proclaim Your Word. Let us show, through our actions, that You live in our hearts and You are Lord.

Father protect our loved one and if they don’t know You, put a stirring in their heart to seek You.

Father, I ask the same for the stranger, the lost looking for a way to find peace. A peace only You can give.

Lord, I pray for the scientists seeking a cure for this terrible virus, as well as other deadly diseases.

Lord, please bring our country back to You. Disclose the people that wish to destroy that on which our country was founded. Change the hearts of the abortionist, drug dealers, the non-believers and the politically correct.

Without You, we are lost.

Lord, I pray for our leaders and pray they will hear Your voice and do Your will …

In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray


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