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As those of you that have followed us through our website/blog, you know we travel around this great nation spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Along the way, we like to stop and visit churches and then make comments about the insight we gained from these visits, not judgments.

The music God has given us has allowed us into various venues and stops at these local churches. It’s always great to have the opportunity to share our testimony with other believers when they let us.

The moniker that describes us and what we do is; traveling evangelist, but the accurate identification, if one is needed, is missionaries to the USA. Our country is in desperate need of Jesus Christ. We need many more people doing what we’re doing in our own country and not posting all the missionaries overseas.

Don’t misunderstand, Yes! Third-world countries need our missionaries’ help too, and I pray for the mission fields around the world…, but what about Here, America?

I’ve been to Africa and seen the need there. I’ve also seen this country’s slums ( a third-world existence), and the souls living there without hope have, on the whole, given up. They need to have a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus, but the supply of Christians willing to go into these areas is small in number, and most aren’t ready to make the sacrifice it takes to commit to a ministry that gets so little help.

Let’s face it, to do what we do doesn’t sound as romantic as being in a foreign land, and it’s a lot more costly because of the cost of living here compared to a third-world country.

When God called us to this ministry, we sold everything to follow Him, trusting Him to supply our needs. We pay our way and seldom get love offerings from other Christians along the way. In the 10+ years, we’ve been on the road, we’ve pretty much gone through our savings.

We pray that God will bring someone with the heart to help this vital ministry. The price of fuel alone is mind-boggling, then add in advertising, the bibles we give away, and of course, places to park, etc.

We also need boots on the ground, someone willing to get on the phone and book places for us to minister; that’s a tough job! It’s not selling (we don’t charge), but there are still a lot of nos you have to wade through. Our message is straightforward and simple, Jesus Christ is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings; there is no other! We aren’t politically correct and don’t fit in the woke movement. Maybe that is the problem. Many churches have opted to be people pleasers rather than follow God’s word, so obviously, we wouldn’t be welcome in any of those environments.

Churches are closing phenomenal rate, and people are turning away from God. Why is that happening?

After visiting many churches, I believe there isn’t just one answer.

Not long ago, I had a fellow come up to me and ask, “Why should I believe in a God that never answers my prayers?” Unanswered prayer is probably on the list of reasons for walking away from God; I believe it is a Lack of faith. Here’s another one, “My pastor passed away or moved, so I left the church; he was the reason I went.”

The church shouldn’t be a popularity contest! The first responsibility of the church is a place for like believers to gather and worship the Lord and study the scriptures. That doesn’t mean socializing can’t be a part of it, but it should never become the main reason for attending church.

Many churches make a significant mistake by putting their pastor on a pedestal. Your eyes should always be on the Lord, not a pastor or man. Your pastor is there to be a shepherd and teacher. Not be glorified. As scriptures tell us, pastors should be respected and held to a higher standard, but praise and worship belong to the Lord. Too often, when a long-term pastor leaves, a church folds or almost folds. How do you answer the problem? It’s simple. Most likely, their eyes were on the man leading them and not first on God. In that scenario, what was the pastor’s legacy? A collapsed church, or did he build in them a more vital trust and faith in God to continue after he’s gone? A pastor’s heart should always be for furthering God’s kingdom, not self-glorifying.

We see the attitude of self-importance (self-righteousness) every day in our political leaders, and it’s a very undesirable personality trait to display for anyone. In my opinion, it’s unacceptable, especially when a man or woman of God carries this attitude.

I believe what God wants is a bible believing, bible teaching church with spirit-filled Christians with true faith. Willing to do His bidding with boldness and love—coming together not because of the pastor or any other man but because of His only Son, Jesus Christ.

No one man or “special family” who is a significant financial contributor has control of the direction of any church just because of what they give. That power is God’s alone. Sooner or later, a church ran for man’s glory will fail. God is the source; He will supply!

It’s essential to have a good paster that follows ALL the bibles teaching, not taking passages out of context to justify his opinion to make his point instead of God’s. Love your pastor, listen closely to his instructions and always hold him to the word.

We here at On The Road For Christ love all our faithful readers and pray you to keep coming back for more. Until we get together again, stay safe and be blessed, and PLEASE KEEP LOOKING UP! 

Semper Fidelis



My prayer for you:

Heavenly Father, please forgive our sins and strengthen our path to you.

I pray that only the teaching of the Word of God go forth wherever we gather in Your name.

We ask this in the precious name of Jesus, 


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